Beatnik Box Cymbal Toppers

So what do you do when you have two extra Beatnik Boxes. Put an M6 nut on the them and use them to hold your cymbals in place. The bonus is you get another trigger!
To build a beatnik box go here: Beatnik's Project Page
Or here: Dodecapad
Originally I just used a tap to thread a hole in the plastic. WRONG! The cases are so thin the threads stripped almost immediately. So I got some M6 nuts and small bolts. The bolts are just to hold it together while gluing.
Roland cymbal arms are M6. Traditional cymbal arms are M8. Check your cymbal stands before starting.
Epoxy is your friend. The plastic is very smooth, so before applying the epoxy, I scored the case with a Exacto knife. Then slather on the epoxy and once it has hardened a bit remove the bolts. Then let cure for 24 hours.
Reassmble the Beatnik Box and you are ready to screw it on your cymbal stand.
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