OctaPad to DodecaPad


I used  what I refer to as Beatnik Boxes to add four more triggers to my OctaPad. Beatnik calls them Mini-Triggers.
Beatnik's Project Page
This is a great resource for eDrum projects.


The first two used 3 inch boxes. And I used masking tape to hold down the rubber while drying, thus leaving the ugly tape marks.
I discovered that SOME radio shacks have 4 inch project boxes. The last two were done that way and they worked much better. I eventually replaced the first two with 4 inch boxes.
I used a rubber mouse pad for the tops and Radio Shack Silicone Rubber Sealer to attach the piezos and rubber tops.
The tops of the project boxes have little bumps. I used an exacto knife to trim those off and the result is a much more responsive pad. The 3 inch triggers still have the bumps and will only trigger well in the middle. The four inch babies trigger well all over.
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