The Mondor II

Start with the frame.

It is 2 MDS-20s stacked on top of each other. All the clamps have been replaced by Gibraltar clamps.

Mounting the Modules

The upper legs of the MDS-20 are 1.75" instead of i.5" so I used a Roland T-Joint for the upper module and a Gibraltar Clamp for the bottom one.

The First Row of Toms

From left to right: PD-85, PD-105 ,PD-105, PD-125, PD-125. The PD-85 is actually used as the secondary snare.


Second Row of Toms

From left to right: PD-85, PD-100 (with modified dual piezos), PD-120, PD-120. The PD-100 and PD-120s were originally white, but I painted them.


There are four CY-14s, four Cy-8s,  a CY-5, CY-15 and CY-12. The CY-15 and CY-12 are used as three zoned ride cymbals.


Four PD-8s and an SPD-S round out the pads.


From left to right: FD-8 for secondary Hi-Hat, DW 5000 Hi-Hat stand for VH-12, DW-500 connected to a KD-8, another DW-5000 connected to a KD-8 and an older DW-5000 hooked up to a Hyper-Bass Conversion Kit.


Add the PD-125 snare, a MalletKAT Pro, the PD-31 Array and a 24" Screen and you are ready to play!