The Mondor

I have finally put together all the pieces I have into one giant set I call The Mondor

Here is a rather poorly done panoramic shot of the most of the kit. You can't see the malletkat based stuff in this shot. Almost everything is Roland except for the eTaiko (which I made) and the Hart Dynamics Multipads. The Multipads were customized to provide 3 dual zone triggers apiece.
Hi-Hats I have a PD-8 with FD-8 and a VH-12.
Cymbals: 2 CY-14s, 2 CY-8s and 1 CY-15R
Toms: 4 PD-80Rs, 1 PD-85, 2 PD-105s and 2 PD-125s.
Snare: PD-125
Kicks: 2 KD-120s and 1 KD-8
Modules: 2 TD-20s, 1 SPD-S, 1 HPD-15

On the left we see a SPD-S, two TD-20s, an eTaiko and a lot of pads.

On the right we see the MalletKat,  DrumKat EZ and a customized Hart Dynamics Multipad. These are used as a MIDI controller for melodic parts. You can also see the HPD-15 peeking out.

Pedal fun! From the left there is an FD-8, a VH-12 on a Pearl Eliminator Hi-Hat stand, two KD-120s with DW5000 AD3 pedals and a KD-8 with an older DW5000 pedal.

The back has a Handsonic HPD-15 and two dB Technologies 415Ms.

The DrumKat EZ has expansion connections for 3 MalletKat Expanders and 6 pads. I am two expanders shy of a full load!

SPD-S and two TD-20s. Life is Grand!