Taiko Heads Ver. 3

First I start with Sun Guard 85 that I got from Lowes. It is used for screening, but it is also like a mesh fabric. I also need a ateel hoop. This one is 25" across.

Sun guard is very hard to mark. I had to use chalk pencils since everything I tried failed. I also had this cool circle drawing tool.

This circular cutter is the best tool I have used for cutting out heads. (the little strawberry is a pin cushion)

I have cut out two circles that are the size of the inside of the hoop. The two pieces are then rotated 45 degrees from each other to create the proper mesh pattern.

Now I mark concentric circles. One is as wide as the outside of the hoop and the other is 1.5" less. I will be cutting two of these.

I took two layers of mesh and pinned them together. Before cutting any circles out, I sew a stitch around the outer circle. I then trim close to that around the outside. Then cut out the middle circle. I now have a band I will use around the outside of my hoop.

I now invert the band so the outside edge has a clean seam. I put it around the hoop and place the two layers of mesh inside the two layers of the band. Pin and sew with a locking stitch.

Voila, a Tiako head. Next we mark 10 even spots around the hoop for the rope holes. I use a soldering iron to poke the holes.

I rebuilt my triggers using cones. This works much better than my previous design.

I rope tune and everything plays wonderfully. The larger drum took 50 ft (15 m) of rope. The smaller one, a bit less.

I can't wait to see how long these heads last.