Constructing Taiko Heads

The most important thing I needed was steel hoops. Tom Sullivan at Cosmic Werks made me a pair of 25" hoops, welded at the ends.

Fisrt take a 3' x 3' section of black fiber glass screening material. I picked up a roll at Lowes for under $15. I then centered the ring on the screen. Note that the weld is at a 45 degree angle in the top right corner. That is important for later when we try to get our two plys at the right angle.
The next step is to pull the screen tight to the middle and sew around the ring. I used duct tape to hold the screen taught. I used a polyester core thread with a needle used for leather. That seems to work well. I ran a stitch around twice.
Trim the excess screen and leave about an inch.
Place a second piece of screen under the ring. This time with the weld straight up. This makes the two plys sit 45 degrees from each other. Tighten the screen and lay down 2 more seams. I have tried sewing both layers at the same time and it was a mess, so I don't recommend it.
Trim the excess. I ran a small bead of superglue around the seams to lock them down and then used plasti-dip to paint a one inch wide strip on the front rim. This was mostly to simulate the texture of a real Taiko and I don't know if it added any to the stability of the head.
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